Xian Yang, The shore where we can reach. (Photo: making of the installation)

On Sunday, July 23, we are celebrating the installation of a large sculpture of Xiang Yang on the forecourt of the Kunsthalle. The walk-in installation “The Shore Where We Can Reach” is a mixture of a house and a boat. Xiang Yang combined two traditional Chinese fishermen’s barks like a catamaran, linking them by wooden arches that have the architectural structure of a wooden Zen house. “The Shore Where We Can Reach” is the narrative of the context of the artist’s powerful biographical experience. Xiang Yang’s family had to leave their home under duress. Blurry images and emotions of this dangerous escape, which he ventured as a child with his mother on a small fishing boat and which led them to a foreign but safe shore, have inspired him in his installation.



Valie Export – Unsichtbare Gegner.

Unsichtbare Gegner, “Invisible Opponents” is a psychic science fiction film. Anna, a professional photographer and video reporter, awakens one morning and hears a radio warning that invisible alien powers are about to take possession of the earth by taking the form of people and then changing their consciousness. 16mm demonstration in cooperation with the film collective Frankfurt.